Advocates Outraged Over Transgender Housing Rule

Advocates for transgender rights in Colorado say a recently proposed Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rule that would allow transgender people to be turned away from federally funded homeless shelters is a targeted assault. The measure was proposed in May by HUD just one day after the agency’s secretary Ben Carson had testified that no such changes were anticipated. Advocates say the measure is a rollback of the Obama-era equal access rule that had been celebrated by LGBTQ advo

Bill Cosby on Playing Through Protests: 'I Will Share This Gift'

DENVER — Embattled comedian Bill Cosby told NBC News that the show must go on as he ignored protests over sexual-assault allegations and took the stage in Colorado Saturday night. In a 15 minute phone call with NBC News hours before appearing at Denver's Buell Theater, the entertainer would not comment specifically on the growing list of accusations from more than 20 women. Instead, he waxed enthusiastic about everything from his wife Camille to the perils of parenting and said his special "gi
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