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A Year Later: Hurricane Katrina’s Wrath

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Few natural disasters in recent history have left more of an indelible mark on the minds of Americans than Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, particularly in my vibrant and unique hometown of New Orleans. This one-year anniversary feature story brought the tragedy closer to home, sharing the inspiring “then-and-now” stories of resilient Katrina survivors exiled in Atlanta. Then an as Chandra R. Thomas (as you know I am now known as Chandra Thomas Whitfield) I was awarded the Atlanta Press Club Print Journalist of the Year award, along with Journalist of the Year from the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists for a body of work that included this story. I’ve remained committed to keeping the story of Hurricane Katrina victims alive, as my hometown of New Orleans and much of the Gulf Coast region continues to recover from the effects of what has been called the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history.